“No Quorum = No Legislation”

“Article the First” is ratified…will our government uphold the Constitution?

March 24, 2015 at 11:05pm

(Note:  Since this was initially published, we have filed suit in the US District Court – District of Columbia, to compel promulgation of Article the First.  The three-judge panel has already been set.  Funny how the media is utterly ignoring the most important Constitutional issue of the age.)

There is a rising need to educate our students, from an early age, to understand what freedoms were reserved for them in the language of our Constitution.

We must cultivate a respect, a reverence, for those words.

A friend once said to me, “You act like the Constitution was written in blood”.  I replied, “No, but that’s what paid for the ink.”

We have a duty, to our children, and to all future generations, to uphold the values contained within that document.

Another friend commented, “I’m surprised it’s not in Latin”.  My response?  “Latin is a “dead” language.  Freedom is not.”

Our Constitution IS changeable.  There is a process that must be followed for change to take place, and it requires the consent of the governed – in very specific, measured steps that must be taken to demonstrate that consent.

Congress may propose amendments.  It does not ratify them.  Those seated in Washington D.C.in the two houses of our Legislature are charged to uphold the Constitution AS IT IS – not as they might like it to be.

We face a conundrum. Through scholarly research of extraordinary diligence, it has been proven unequivocally that the first of the twelve “Articles of Amendment”, what we know today in common terms as “The Bill of Rights”, was, indeed, ratified by an 80% majority of the then fifteen States, back in 1792.

Article the First sets both a floor and ceiling on the size of Congressional Districts.  Those numbers represent the will and intent of those who penned the amendments we so revere.

In Constitutional law-making, it is the language voted in Congress that is passed to the State Legislatures for approval.  They do not modify it, or propose changes.  They are given the amendment as whole cloth, to vote “Yea” or “Nay”.  It is the original language as voted in Congress that is the language, indeed, the letter, of our law.

A scrivener’s error has been proven to have occurred in passing the proposed “Articles” to the several States…an error that has persisted in history.  (actually, there are/were several).  The aforementioned research ALSO clearly demonstrates the error, and it’s recognition after the fact, as shown by actions taken in history. That error is of no consequence from a legal perspective, as the Amendment as voted in Congress is the Law of the land, once ratified.  That language does not, incidentally, place the size of our House as “so regulated by Congress”…in fact, it was worded in such a way as to remove any hands from the process – leaving it “so regulated by MATHEMATICS”.

Many don’t like what this does to the size of the House, or to the expense – the most vehement detractors are those with the most to lose…the supporters of the present 435 legislators seated – who, with a correctly apportioned House, represent only slightly more than 7% of what should be the “Committee of the Whole”.

Most would agree that the greatest problem in our National government is the undue influence of outsiders on the actions of our elected representatives – lobbyists and big-dollar donors who buy control of the weaker among our elected public servants.

Congress is sent to Washington,not to Rule, but to Serve – and by “Serve”, I mean the people of the District,not the donors – not the PARTY, and not the Lobbyists and Special Interests.

They won’t like it. They’ll tell you we’re wrong.

The evidence of your own eyes will prove otherwise.

They’ll cite the costs as cause not to take action, while wasting Trillions.

Freedom isn’t free.

If you were ever unsure of that, take a walk through your local cemetery on Memorial Day.

The special interests, the lobbyists, and the party bosses can’t readily control a sudden surge of nearly 6000 additional elected officials – and, with a district size of 50,000, they won’t be able to maintain the false majority of the two-party system.

We need to stop thinking of ourselves as “Republicans” or“Democrats” before we think of ourselves as “Americans”.  “My party, right or wrong” has no place in a true Democratic Republic – and that, after all, is what we really are.  We’re neither a true Democracy, nor a true Republic.  The hybrid government devised by our founding fathers was something entirely new.  We’re not one, or the other. We’re both –which was why Jefferson preferred the name“Democratic-Republican” to “Anti-Federalist”.

Conveniently edited out of our children’s history books,that…and our parents’, and grandparents’, as well.

Article the First is ratified.  We had a decennial census in 2010.  It is the role – nay, the REQUIREMENT, under our present laws, for the Department of Commerce to apportion the House of Representatives according to Article the First…not according to some Statute proposed in the 1910’s to further disenfranchise non-machine voters.  Our Constitution trumps any so-called Statute.

Every person presently in Congress who served in 2012 already knew these facts.  We told them, and SHOWED them.

The media knows.  We told them, and SHOWED them.

The Party bosses are afraid. This means they lose control – control of the purse strings, and of the ability to continue to pretend to do their jobs while remaining obstructionist, maintaining a status quo that favors only their benefactors,and their anointed.

They can do nothing about this.  Those seats are ours.

In fact, once ratified, an amendment cannot even be rescinded – not by Congress, and not by any State Legislature – or any other body in government.  To withdraw an amendment from our laws, the Constitution must then be further amended.  That is the process.  It requires proposal of a NEW amendment – and the ratification of that Amendment by 38 of our present 50 States.

Would you re-elect someone who intentionally diluted your freedom?

We were to have had no Congressional Districts larger than 50,000 persons, and none smaller than 40,000 persons, ever since the House of Representatives grew to more than 200 members. That was, and remains, the final increase allowed by our Constitution.

That is not what we have. It is what we are due.

We demand it.

Article the First doesn’t change the Constitution.  It IS ALREADY a part of it.

Every single sitting Congressperson, and every single Senator, and all of our elected officials, take a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution – again, AS IT IS – not as they might like it to be.

Our Constitution has invested the citizens of this Nation with the ultimate authority – not the Congress. It serves as a bit in the mouth of our elected government, with the reins firmly held by “We, the People”, twitched at the polls, as necessary.

True proportional representation was, and remains, our inheritance…paid for in blood.

Those seats are ours.

Take them.

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