A Fourth of July Message –

While many are today enjoying family barbecues and celebrating our freedoms, the subject of our present Representation in Congress and the White House will certainly enter into the conversation.
A great many of us will grouse about what the present Congress has been doing.
A vastly greater number of our citizens are wholly unaware of the dismantling of our freedoms that is taking place, because they are distracted by the coverage of Trump’s foibles, or because they are too caught up in simply trying to make ends meet to feel they have any control over what’s happening.
Over the last few months, Congress has attempted to:
· Roll back internet privacy.
· Remove regulation in the Financial Community by repealing Dodd-Frank
· Gut EPA regulations protecting of our environment.
· Dismantle the Affordable Care Act, replacing it with the WEALTH CARE ACT.
…and that’s just the beginning.  Wait until you see what they have planned for Social Security, and for tax breaks to the wealthiest 0.1%.
They’ve been emboldened, because the backlash has primarily been protest marches and social media memes – visible, but ineffective.
Those who have given their time to protest a problem already identified are still worthy of thanks and appreciation – but a carrying a sign in front of the Court House or State House, or even the Capitol Building, accomplishes little, because these folks have no intention of listening to you or I.
I thank you for what you’re doing, but we will only win this FIGHT in the Courtroom.
We are already there.
I am Frederick John LaVergne.  I and four of my fellow true patriots have filed in US District Court to defeat the actions of the 115th Congress taken to date, using a Constitutional Amendment that was ratified in 1792.
This ratified amendment was “hidden/lost” from the view of the American People, possibly intentionally, because it would “dilute the grandeur of the office”, as one of it’s opponents put it during the debates that led up to the proposal of the “Articles of Amendment” – what we, today, call “The Bill of Rights”.
It was, in fact, the FIRST of the Articles proposed.
This Ratified Amendment may be our last hope – and we have brought it to the JUDICIARY to take back our Nation.
For all the nay-sayers, this case is already moving forward.
In a great historical irony, the Honorable Merrick Garland of the US District Court, District of Columbia, was tasked as the “assignment judge”, and he has already selected the necessary three-judge panel.
The defendants and interested parties – all 8000-plus of them – have been served.
The Congress does not presently seat a quorum, per the Constitution, and so, as a body, does not yet have the authority to Legislate.
NOTHING they have done since January 3rd, 2017, has actually been completed, yet.
Until “Article the First” is adhered to in the apportionment of the House of Representatives, Congress has no quorum.
Until they do, they may not Legislate.  They don’t yet exist as a body capable or empowered to do so.
This represents a sea change – required, not by us, but by our Constitution.
All who presently serve have sworn to uphold the Constitution – ALL of it, not just the parts they prefer – and, as such, it will be their obligation to adhere to this change, or they will have demonstrably broken their oath.
The ramifications of this are huge, and we can expect serious institutional resistance to this – especially from among the K-Street Lobbyists and the entrenched “un-elected bosses” within the party organizations.
This resistance, and, indeed, the corruption this destroys, was exactly the reason Article the First was proposed, and proposed before even our personal freedoms.
Congress doesn’t tell us how powerful THEY are…WE allow them only as much power as we consent to give them.
Our Constitution is, as I have said before, “a bit in the mouth of Congress, with the reins held by “We, the People – twitched at the polls as necessary.”
It is important to you, to your family, and to all you care about, including generations not yet born, that you understand exactly what this means.
It is even more important that “We, the People” see this through to its full execution.
I will be speaking at various venues around the State on this – with particular attention to the 53 towns in Congressional District Three.
This message belongs to ALL OF US.
The way to win this War on “We, the PEOPLE”, is with the law, and with the vote.
“Article the First” belongs to ALL OF US.
Take heed, and prepare for action.
Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress, NJ CD3, 2018.
A formal press release is forthcoming, but we are doubtful that they will want to cover this.  It’s up to YOU to spread the word.
If you support what we’re doing, please click the “Donate” page in the header OR BELOW and offer what you can to help in funding this fight.

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