Learning Curve –

For some of our officials, the learning curve for Article the First seems to be insurmountably steep.

Here it is in a nutshell.

The present maximum size – per this ratified amendment – for a Congressional District is:

50,000 persons.

The present cadre of Congresspersons is:


Per the 2010 Census (the Decennial Census, which is used to determine the Apportionment of the House), the number of Congresspersons who are SUPPOSED to be in Congress is:



That means that only 7% of the Congress is actually present.

Unless 50% of 6233 PLUS ONE is present, Congress lacks a quorum and cannot legislate.

That number is 3117.

We’re 2682 Congresspersons short of a quorum since January 3rd.

The 115th Congress has not yet convened.

We can’t even call it the “Ryan Congress”, because he is not yet technically elected “Speaker of the House”.

The establishment and K Street lose control of the Legislature because of this.

You know who takes over, then?


Learn more.

The lawsuit continues to move forward in the 1st District Court in the District of Columbia, before the required three-judge panel – selected, ironically, by none other than Justice Merrick Garland.

(Yes, we chose our venue on purpose).

Every citizen has standing in this case.

I’m not standing on the courthouse steps with a sharpie-drawn oak-tag sign. I and my fellows are inside, LITIGATING – for YOUR rights.

Stand with us.

Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left – Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress, NJ Congressional District Three….

(and to my primary opponent – stop lying to people and telling them I’m not running while you’re calling folks to fundraise….btw, thought you said you weren’t taking any PAC money. You are paying lip service to this district – I’m actually doing something. More pennies on the railroad tracks)

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