Nice Try, Congressman Ryan…You’ve been SERVED. “No Quorum means No Legislation”

Yes, this is REAL NEWS….

The response period is nearly over, and the Judges have been selected by Assignment Judge Merrick Garland

This case is moving forward. Article the First is RATIFIED. It’s not up for debate.



(Image is of Paul Ryan’s package containing his lawsuit copy , etc., sent to him in his role as Congressman, returned after being inspected by his staff <see tape re-sealing it> in an effort to pretend he was “not served”. He was, however, ALSO served in his capacity as Speaker, so “Nice Try”. “I can’t hear you” didn’t work when you were a toddler, Congressman, and it won’t, now.)


A Fourth of July Message –

While many are today enjoying family barbecues and celebrating our freedoms, the subject of our present Representation in Congress and the White House will certainly enter into the conversation.
A great many of us will grouse about what the present Congress has been doing.
A vastly greater number of our citizens are wholly unaware of the dismantling of our freedoms that is taking place, because they are distracted by the coverage of Trump’s foibles, or because they are too caught up in simply trying to make ends meet to feel they have any control over what’s happening.
Over the last few months, Congress has attempted to:
· Roll back internet privacy.
· Remove regulation in the Financial Community by repealing Dodd-Frank
· Gut EPA regulations protecting of our environment.
· Dismantle the Affordable Care Act, replacing it with the WEALTH CARE ACT.
…and that’s just the beginning.  Wait until you see what they have planned for Social Security, and for tax breaks to the wealthiest 0.1%.
They’ve been emboldened, because the backlash has primarily been protest marches and social media memes – visible, but ineffective.
Those who have given their time to protest a problem already identified are still worthy of thanks and appreciation – but a carrying a sign in front of the Court House or State House, or even the Capitol Building, accomplishes little, because these folks have no intention of listening to you or I.
I thank you for what you’re doing, but we will only win this FIGHT in the Courtroom.
We are already there.
I am Frederick John LaVergne.  I and four of my fellow true patriots have filed in US District Court to defeat the actions of the 115th Congress taken to date, using a Constitutional Amendment that was ratified in 1792.
This ratified amendment was “hidden/lost” from the view of the American People, possibly intentionally, because it would “dilute the grandeur of the office”, as one of it’s opponents put it during the debates that led up to the proposal of the “Articles of Amendment” – what we, today, call “The Bill of Rights”.
It was, in fact, the FIRST of the Articles proposed.
This Ratified Amendment may be our last hope – and we have brought it to the JUDICIARY to take back our Nation.
For all the nay-sayers, this case is already moving forward.
In a great historical irony, the Honorable Merrick Garland of the US District Court, District of Columbia, was tasked as the “assignment judge”, and he has already selected the necessary three-judge panel.
The defendants and interested parties – all 8000-plus of them – have been served.
The Congress does not presently seat a quorum, per the Constitution, and so, as a body, does not yet have the authority to Legislate.
NOTHING they have done since January 3rd, 2017, has actually been completed, yet.
Until “Article the First” is adhered to in the apportionment of the House of Representatives, Congress has no quorum.
Until they do, they may not Legislate.  They don’t yet exist as a body capable or empowered to do so.
This represents a sea change – required, not by us, but by our Constitution.
All who presently serve have sworn to uphold the Constitution – ALL of it, not just the parts they prefer – and, as such, it will be their obligation to adhere to this change, or they will have demonstrably broken their oath.
The ramifications of this are huge, and we can expect serious institutional resistance to this – especially from among the K-Street Lobbyists and the entrenched “un-elected bosses” within the party organizations.
This resistance, and, indeed, the corruption this destroys, was exactly the reason Article the First was proposed, and proposed before even our personal freedoms.
Congress doesn’t tell us how powerful THEY are…WE allow them only as much power as we consent to give them.
Our Constitution is, as I have said before, “a bit in the mouth of Congress, with the reins held by “We, the People – twitched at the polls as necessary.”
It is important to you, to your family, and to all you care about, including generations not yet born, that you understand exactly what this means.
It is even more important that “We, the People” see this through to its full execution.
I will be speaking at various venues around the State on this – with particular attention to the 53 towns in Congressional District Three.
This message belongs to ALL OF US.
The way to win this War on “We, the PEOPLE”, is with the law, and with the vote.
“Article the First” belongs to ALL OF US.
Take heed, and prepare for action.
Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress, NJ CD3, 2018.
A formal press release is forthcoming, but we are doubtful that they will want to cover this.  It’s up to YOU to spread the word.
If you support what we’re doing, please click the “Donate” page in the header OR BELOW and offer what you can to help in funding this fight.

“No Quorum = No Legislation”

“Article the First” is ratified…will our government uphold the Constitution?

March 24, 2015 at 11:05pm

(Note:  Since this was initially published, we have filed suit in the US District Court – District of Columbia, to compel promulgation of Article the First.  The three-judge panel has already been set.  Funny how the media is utterly ignoring the most important Constitutional issue of the age.)

There is a rising need to educate our students, from an early age, to understand what freedoms were reserved for them in the language of our Constitution.

We must cultivate a respect, a reverence, for those words.

A friend once said to me, “You act like the Constitution was written in blood”.  I replied, “No, but that’s what paid for the ink.”

We have a duty, to our children, and to all future generations, to uphold the values contained within that document.

Another friend commented, “I’m surprised it’s not in Latin”.  My response?  “Latin is a “dead” language.  Freedom is not.”

Our Constitution IS changeable.  There is a process that must be followed for change to take place, and it requires the consent of the governed – in very specific, measured steps that must be taken to demonstrate that consent.

Congress may propose amendments.  It does not ratify them.  Those seated in Washington the two houses of our Legislature are charged to uphold the Constitution AS IT IS – not as they might like it to be.

We face a conundrum. Through scholarly research of extraordinary diligence, it has been proven unequivocally that the first of the twelve “Articles of Amendment”, what we know today in common terms as “The Bill of Rights”, was, indeed, ratified by an 80% majority of the then fifteen States, back in 1792.

Article the First sets both a floor and ceiling on the size of Congressional Districts.  Those numbers represent the will and intent of those who penned the amendments we so revere.

In Constitutional law-making, it is the language voted in Congress that is passed to the State Legislatures for approval.  They do not modify it, or propose changes.  They are given the amendment as whole cloth, to vote “Yea” or “Nay”.  It is the original language as voted in Congress that is the language, indeed, the letter, of our law.

A scrivener’s error has been proven to have occurred in passing the proposed “Articles” to the several States…an error that has persisted in history.  (actually, there are/were several).  The aforementioned research ALSO clearly demonstrates the error, and it’s recognition after the fact, as shown by actions taken in history. That error is of no consequence from a legal perspective, as the Amendment as voted in Congress is the Law of the land, once ratified.  That language does not, incidentally, place the size of our House as “so regulated by Congress”…in fact, it was worded in such a way as to remove any hands from the process – leaving it “so regulated by MATHEMATICS”.

Many don’t like what this does to the size of the House, or to the expense – the most vehement detractors are those with the most to lose…the supporters of the present 435 legislators seated – who, with a correctly apportioned House, represent only slightly more than 7% of what should be the “Committee of the Whole”.

Most would agree that the greatest problem in our National government is the undue influence of outsiders on the actions of our elected representatives – lobbyists and big-dollar donors who buy control of the weaker among our elected public servants.

Congress is sent to Washington,not to Rule, but to Serve – and by “Serve”, I mean the people of the District,not the donors – not the PARTY, and not the Lobbyists and Special Interests.

They won’t like it. They’ll tell you we’re wrong.

The evidence of your own eyes will prove otherwise.

They’ll cite the costs as cause not to take action, while wasting Trillions.

Freedom isn’t free.

If you were ever unsure of that, take a walk through your local cemetery on Memorial Day.

The special interests, the lobbyists, and the party bosses can’t readily control a sudden surge of nearly 6000 additional elected officials – and, with a district size of 50,000, they won’t be able to maintain the false majority of the two-party system.

We need to stop thinking of ourselves as “Republicans” or“Democrats” before we think of ourselves as “Americans”.  “My party, right or wrong” has no place in a true Democratic Republic – and that, after all, is what we really are.  We’re neither a true Democracy, nor a true Republic.  The hybrid government devised by our founding fathers was something entirely new.  We’re not one, or the other. We’re both –which was why Jefferson preferred the name“Democratic-Republican” to “Anti-Federalist”.

Conveniently edited out of our children’s history books,that…and our parents’, and grandparents’, as well.

Article the First is ratified.  We had a decennial census in 2010.  It is the role – nay, the REQUIREMENT, under our present laws, for the Department of Commerce to apportion the House of Representatives according to Article the First…not according to some Statute proposed in the 1910’s to further disenfranchise non-machine voters.  Our Constitution trumps any so-called Statute.

Every person presently in Congress who served in 2012 already knew these facts.  We told them, and SHOWED them.

The media knows.  We told them, and SHOWED them.

The Party bosses are afraid. This means they lose control – control of the purse strings, and of the ability to continue to pretend to do their jobs while remaining obstructionist, maintaining a status quo that favors only their benefactors,and their anointed.

They can do nothing about this.  Those seats are ours.

In fact, once ratified, an amendment cannot even be rescinded – not by Congress, and not by any State Legislature – or any other body in government.  To withdraw an amendment from our laws, the Constitution must then be further amended.  That is the process.  It requires proposal of a NEW amendment – and the ratification of that Amendment by 38 of our present 50 States.

Would you re-elect someone who intentionally diluted your freedom?

We were to have had no Congressional Districts larger than 50,000 persons, and none smaller than 40,000 persons, ever since the House of Representatives grew to more than 200 members. That was, and remains, the final increase allowed by our Constitution.

That is not what we have. It is what we are due.

We demand it.

Article the First doesn’t change the Constitution.  It IS ALREADY a part of it.

Every single sitting Congressperson, and every single Senator, and all of our elected officials, take a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution – again, AS IT IS – not as they might like it to be.

Our Constitution has invested the citizens of this Nation with the ultimate authority – not the Congress. It serves as a bit in the mouth of our elected government, with the reins firmly held by “We, the People”, twitched at the polls, as necessary.

True proportional representation was, and remains, our inheritance…paid for in blood.

Those seats are ours.

Take them.

Stewardship in Environmental Policy


“Stewardship” in the Pinelands.

When it was initially formed in 1979, the Pinelands Environmental Commission was charged with “Stewardship” of the Lands under the protection of the Pinelands Protection Act. The Comprehensive Management Plan put forth by the Commission received final approval by Secretary Andrus of the Department of the Interior in January of 1981.  From the early days of the Pinelands Commission until today, their role has been that of “Stewards” of this vast National Resource.

“Stewardship”.  That word seems to have a very different meaning  in the minds of many of our leaders, today,than it did nearly four decades ago.

Stewardship is oversight or management for “protection” and “preservation”,for the common good.

Stewardship is NOT “exploitation” for private gain.

The expectation in forming the Pinelands Environmental Commission was that it would act to protect and preserve the acreage under its care.  It is not unlike the stewardship of a church – (and churches use the same word) – referring to “stewardship” of their missions, their flock, and their facility.

To be blunt, any minister, pastor, or priest will tell you that “Stewardship” may be THE most unpopular subject for a sermon – so I expect this article to be treated as pontification.

So be it.  Maybe it is.

Stewardship comes from a leadership paradigm.  Exploitation comes from a paradigm of social narcissism.

Some of the members of the commission take their role very seriously – as they should.  They continue to educate themselves as our knowledge of the ecosystem they are charged with protecting increases.  They rely on the wisdom and advice of others more expert in a particular field than they, and seek to make informed decisions.

Others of more recent vintage are, to all appearances, nothing more than the pawns of our broken system – puppets in the bi-partisan failure-ship that “rules” our State.

They are appointed purely as tools of the corrupt political machines, rather than as conservators or caretakers…”stewards”, if you will.  Their placement is wholly at the direction of those, elected and “un-elected”, who have carved out their petty kingdoms herein NJ…and wish to insure their continued rule.

The deck is carefully being stacked to pull the teeth of the Comprehensive Management Plan.  The plan is adaptable, but it was put in place to preserve the Pinelands as the invaluable resource that it is.  It is the linchpin of the protections enforced by the Commission.

A specific agenda has been undertaken – using smaller issues, such as the pipeline, to provide a fatal chink in the armor that is the CMP – a flaw that will allow exploitation of the whole region.

That agenda is to convince the majority of the members to pass through the “memorandum of agreement” (“MOA”) process to a private entity through a government office – because, once that is given through to one entity, others can sue for similar treatment – and the State would be put in the position of having to comply.

Once the precedent is set, once Pandora’s box has been opened, all the demons will escape, leaving behind only “hope”.

I don’t want to “hope” that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are only able to learn of the great outdoors from books and the internet, as part of a HISTORY class.

Those lands are held “in trust”, for generations to come.  Don’t let that trust be broken.

“Trust” – another word that, by all definitions, certain present corrupt leaders could care less about.

They are who we seek to supplant.

Join us.

“Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left” – Frederick John LaVergne for Congress, NJ CD3


“The Hymnal of America”

(Re-Posted early, because of the relevance to the upcoming Primary Election)

The “Hymnal” of America

Originally published July 4, 2014 at 9:25am


“July the Fourth” means many different things to many different people.

To some, it’s a celebration, and an opportunity to enjoy summer weather and backyard barbecues and fireworks with friends and neighbors.

I like that part – I admit it.

Today, when you’re enjoying your sweet corn and watermelon, waiting for it to grow dark enough for the fireworks, take the time to listen to the older folks among you, as they recall with pride your family’s part in our American story.

Your elders carry with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that should, that MUST be shared with succeeding generations, so that the values that made us are sustained.

Now comes the distant rumble of thunder…a storm approaches.

Today, as every year for over 225 years, we gather to celebrate our Independence…but are we still truly free?

There is a far deeper meaning to this holiday.

Many politicians will stand before you and make grandiose speeches, today – before crowds of citizens just waiting for the platitudes to end, and the fireworks to begin.

They will invoke Jefferson, Madison, Mason, Lincoln, Washington, and others.  They will remind you that “government is here to help”.

Many of those speeches will ring hollow – as those standing before you have sold out – surrendering YOUR freedom to profiteers, to corruption.  A few true patriots still exist among our elected leadership – a very few.  The rest are more concerned with maintaining a corrupt status quo for their masters.

They have forgotten that, in this great American Experiment, YOU are the government.

It would do our “leadership” in Washington well to heed what inspired the Declaration of Independence, and what fomented the American Revolution – the actions of a “King” and a “Parliament” treating the colonies as nothing more than livestock – a revenue source to perpetuate their own wealth.

A Nation is born when a people agree to be heard as one voice, and are willing to stand together to defend one another.

A Nation IS its people. We, the People, are not for sale.

It would do our citizens well to understand the true aftermath of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, for those who stood up and put pen to paper, declaring that they would no longer accept the yoke of a tyrannical government.

They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

For many, the practical reality of our Revolutionary struggle was the loss of those first two in exchange for the third.

Few came through unscathed – and some were utterly broken in the struggle.

At the end of the hostilities, a new Nation had been forged.  We had been tested by fire, beaten on an anvil of oppression, and survived with that one value wholly intact.


The price of that freedom has been paid and repaid for generations – on our own shores, and in distant lands.

The cost is not measurable in single lives – but in the collective loss of the flower of our youth, on the altar of HONOR.

We must remember what we’ve lost, if we are to hold on to what we’ve won.

As I watch those freedoms so sorely won being eroded by those with little understanding or respect for what motivated our ancestors to stand for what’s right, rather than to settle for what’s left, I am compelled to rise…to educate…to agitate…to bring remedy.

Many bemoan the fact that the period of “American Exceptionalism” is at an end.  Others revel in it.  Our detractors smile smugly at the realization of their dream…that we, ourselves, have been, as Lincoln put it, once, (quoting from “HEBREWS”), “the author and finisher of our fate”.

There are many with us who would see “American Exceptionalism” restored…who are unwilling to surrender the greatness of purpose that once drove this Nation.

We have been coddled and cajoled into a planned senescence, orchestrated by forces outside our governing bodies.  The floor of the House and Senate are where “We, the People”, deliver the dream that is America to the rest of the world.  Our actions in our Legislature determine who WE ARE…defining us to ourselves, and to others.

The control of that august body has been allowed to pass firmly into the hands of special interests, lobbyists, and corporations, some of which control assets greater than those of many of our smaller neighboring Nations.

We have been fed an illusion that there are only two voices, and two choices – “Democrat” or “Republican”, “Liberal” or “Conservative”, “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice”, “Union” or “Non-Union”.  These divisions are false – a distraction, and an abstraction.  We are “Americans”, and that should be our primary identity – an identity borne with pride.

The “Tree of Liberty” has three branches – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.  We, the People, are the root-stock.

The Legislative Branch has been wickedly pruned by the actions of the other two.  That was never meant to be, and we must not allow it to continue.

Only WE may hold the pruning shears.  They are applied at the ballot box.

America has been carefully divided – with the strongest independent voices carefully culled from public exposure. We have been divided so that we may be more easily subjugated – and we’ve allowed that division, through ignorance of the processes at work, to undermine all that our forefathers fought and died for.

We cannot move forward with one voice, with one purpose, as a Nation divided.

Some would say that we never were “one voice” – and that maybe true, today – but it need not be true, forever.

I believe a good analogy is a church choir.

Today, we have been divided into “Red” and “Blue” choir robes, and handed different hymnals.  Is it no surprise that the noise rising from the floor of the House and Senate has become a disjointed and meaningless cacophony?

This is not “music” – and certainly no symphony.

(Signing of the Constitution – Senate – 1788)

We need to be singing from the same hymnal.

The “Hymnal” of America is its Constitution.

We must find our voice, once more.

The usurpers who have orchestrated this division profit from it.  These parasites must perpetuate the division we’re enduring to maintain their fortunes…fortunes cultivated with the blood, the sweat, and the tears of a people unwittingly enslaved.

If we choose to allow this to continue, we will have surrendered, squandered, even, the greatest gift our parents could ever have given us…whether born here, or brought here – to be Americans.

Sometimes, however, in order to bear more fruit, the vines must be dressed – the orchard, pruned.

It is only by removing the “dead wood”, otherwise committed to themselves and their puppet-masters – we can grow, once more.

If your leadership needs pruning, know these two things:

1)     The power to cut away the unproductive branches lies in your vote.


2)     It can take several seasons for your efforts to bear fruit once more.

As an old friend put it – “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it burned in a fortnight.”

It is your obligation to take up the pruning hooks, beaten to such from the swords of your forefathers.

For pruning to be successful, it must be almost surgical in its application.  It is not a mere hacking away of all old growth.

The greatest gift YOU can give your children in preserving their legacy of freedom is your educated vote.

“Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left” –Frederick John LaVergne.


“Let it begin here” – FJL

Introducing our lawsuit and “Article the First” to “Our Revolution, South Jersey”, at Dadz Bar and Grille, Lumberton, NJ.  

Most Revolutions begin at the barrel of a gun, and end at the stroke of a pen.

We’ve broken another paradigm.  We’ve BEGUN with a pen.

We are taking action to protect the citizens of every State, not just those in District Three, or even just New Jersey.

I’m running for Congress to represent all of you. I’m not just going there to legislate – I’m going there to lead.

The seat I am seeking belongs to ‘We, the People”. I’m applying for the job. I need your vote, and your support.

To our present “self-servative” Representative in Congress…

Congressman MacArthur:

You didn’t really think we were going to let you line the pockets of your cronies on the backs of the ill, the elderly, our veterans, and our children, did you?

Your hubris knows no bounds.

You tell lie after lie, especially about who you are and what you’ve done, and think that you can buy approval and respect. What a truly small man you are.

Today, you work for me, and for all of the people of District Three – not just your “sponsors”, or the members of the “Friends and Family Plan”.

We are not satisfied in the least with your efforts – as they are made on behalf of others, and not the people you are to represent.

In November of next year, you will be replaced.

Count on it.

Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress, NJ CD3 2018



Fellow Americans – Fellow PATRIOTS…

We have work to do.

Stand with me.


Social Security is at Risk – here’s the answer to the 115th Congress and their proposed Budget.



Is the 115th CONGRESS putting SOCIAL SECURITY at RISK?

If you review the proposed budget, then, YES, they ARE.  (They’re also taking away health coverage from over 24 Million of our Citizens, but that’s another story)

Fortunately, the present Congress does not have a quorum.

You read that correctly.


Because of a little-known amendment to the Constitution that was only recently discovered to have been ratified way back in 1792.

If you were to ask any of the present 435 Congresspersons in the House of Representatives WHY there are 435 voting House seats, I would wager that less than 10 could tell you “Why”.

When the Constitution was being drafted, to replace the “Articles of Confederation”, a bi-cameral (two-chambered) Legislative Branch was chosen – with a Senate, where all STATES were equally represented, and a House (“the PEOPLE’S House”), where, in theory, at least, all citizens were represented in equal proportion.

The original size of Congressional Districts was supposed to have been thirty thousand persons -amended down by unanimous voice vote from forty thousand persons before the Constitution was voted and signed, when no less than George Washington, about to become the first Constitutional President of the United States, pointed out that Delaware didn’t HAVE forty thousand persons.  The engrossed copy originally read “forty thousand”, and, if you hold the vellum up to the light, you can see that  it is thinner  where “thirty thousand” appears – as, to erase iron gall ink from vellum required the text to be corrected literally be scraped off the page.

Apportionment was the most contentious issue during the discussions on Constitutional Amendments as the “Articles of Amendment” (“Bill of Rights”) were being drafted.

The most heated and  vituperative language spoken in the Congress during the debates over the summer of 1789 was tied almost exclusively to this issue – apportionment – so much so that James Madison of Virginia was essentially threatened with physical harm by James Jackson of Georgia for Madison’s position limiting the size of the House.

Madison felt that an upper limit should be in place “that the grandeur of the office might not be diluted”.  Jackson, however, pointed out that blood had been spilled to insure fair and equal representation across the population of the new Nation, and that he was welcome to add his own to that already spilled.  He also threatened to take Madison outside and shoot him down like a mad dog – not an idle threat from a man who had charged British cannon on horseback with a single-shot pistol and a saber, and who later died from infection from his NINTH successful duel.  The “Journals”, largely transcribed from Madison’s own notes, reference that “several desultory comments were noted to pass between the gentleman of Georgia and the gentleman of Virginia.  Fellow Georgian William Few gave somewhat greater detail in his own journal.

The full remainder of the body of Congress agreed with Jackson, and Madison never publicly brought up limiting the size of the House, again.

When the Articles of Amendment were finally proposed and voted in the House, a last-minute change was to have altered the language from “less” to “more” IN THE LAST LINE BUT ONE.

We have Oliver Ellsworth’s own hand-written report, clearly defining the change that was to have been made, and where. Ellsworth led the committee of six Legislators tasked with providing the language for the final, approved twelve articles of the “Articles of Amendment” (The “Bill of Rights”)

The correct language increased the size of the house incrementally to a CEILING of fifty thousand persons per district, with a FLOOR of forty thousand persons, once a size of 200 representatives had been attained, through growth of the population.  This was to insure that “We, the People”, were represented proportionally by population irrespective of what State we might be from.

Essentially, Article the First was a mathematical formula.

We have NOT followed that formula.  A ratified amendment is not something we can choose to ignore…in fact, every single person presently serving took an oath to specifically protect and uphold this amendment, along with all others.

In essence, with each decennial census, the States were to receive notice (then, from the Secretary of State – now, from the Secretary of Commerce) of their apportionment for the next Congress to be seated after the census had been tabulated.

We began with thirty thousand persons per district.  When the House had increased to 100 Representatives, thirty thousand became a “floor”, and forty thousand became the “ceiling”.

On reaching a size of 200 Representatives, the Congress was to have been EVER AFTER apportioned at a “floor” of forty thousand, and a “ceiling” of fifty thousand.

Fifty thousand persons per district.


The 435 persons in the House of Representatives is less than EIGHT PERCENT of what is supposed to be there.  Even if they voted lock-step, they are a petty minority.

The amendment was ratified when Kentucky voted to do so in June of 1792.  At that moment, the threshold of 75% was irreversibly surpassed – Kentucky, the fifteenth State, being the twelfth State to ratify Article the First.

Whatever fractional argument might have been made prior to that, 12 is always 75% of 15.


There are many things that CAN be done to make Social Security more solvent – indeed, Permanently Solvent.  The intentions of the present Republican-Controlled Congress do NONE of those things.


Our Social Security Solvency Plan, illustrated in the past exhaustively, will be updated and posted here shortly (Been a little busy with the US District Court Case)

Want them stopped?  I need your help – especially since I will be replacing MacArthur, author of the “Wealth Care” amendment to the Budget. Read about the impact of that HERE:

americanhealthcareactCBO publication