Forward, together – a message for all Americans


To our supporters and friends – This campaign has been but a step in a long and wonderful adventure – an experiment, a journey, of over 200 years.
For a time, now, on this journey, many of you have walked alongside me…we’ve been joined by many more, tonight. We must look ahead, and walk forward arm-in-arm – supporting one another – as Americans.
We did not pray for victory during our campaign, and we still do not.
We have prayed, instead, for Wisdom – for guidance from one another, from our constituents, from past mentors, and from the Almighty, that we may lead our District, and our Nation, along a path that brings us together as Americans, regardless of party distinction.
We have prayed for Discernment – to see a clear path before us, and to see the good in one another – to separate the wheat from the chaff – the grain from the tares. We prayed for the vision to see clearly what must be done, and what must be undone.
We have prayed for UNITY – for breaking the bonds that tie parties to one another only, and to an end to venomous and disrespectful labeling of those whose ideas disagree with our own.
We’re better than that.
We have learned, and we must now remember, that our Constitution equally defends the things we don’t like, because, sometimes, we’re wrong.
We have learned to respect the opinions of others, even if we don’t accept them – out of respect for the individual.
No part of our whole may be diminished through slight, through ridicule, or through dismissal. Every voice should be heard. Every vote should be counted.
Our “Truth” as a Nation must ever be distilled, rendered down from these disparate values to our true essence…to the core definition of what America IS.
We have worked diligently together to reach the people of our District, by means somewhat unconventional, but not untried or untested.
We believe, and we still believe, that it is the voice of the People which should guide our Legislators – not the voices of the special interests, or those whose selfishness and greed would thwart the equality and equity we have long sought as a Nation.
Yes, America is the story of a Journey – and one that is not yet complete. We are far from “finished”, as some of our enemies, both abroad and here at home, would like to believe – those who would hope to profit from the anarchy left behind were we to fail.
Like parasitic heirs waiting for a wealthy relative to die, so that they may divide Her assets – or, more so, like the Roman soldiers casting lots for the raiment of Christ crucified, they would see us stumble.
They will wait in vain. These harpies will not have their day.
I believe the next few days will be a struggle. This election’s National campaign was but a mirror, and America, having gazed long into it, does not, for the most part, like what it saw.
We know what we CAN be. Now, we face the reality of what we’ve fallen to. We must demonstrate the fortitude to move forward.
It’s time to splash a little cool water on our face, apply the needed soap and water, and, if needed, a razor, and look up into the face of an America ready to begin again – to face a new day.
Tonight, we make a choice. A choice not everyone will agree with.
Tomorrow, that will then be in our past.
History will have moved on.
It is in our Nation’s best interest, and in the world’s, after all, that we lift our gaze first to the Heavens, and thank Divine Providence for the Wisdom that guided our Founding Fathers in the creation and adoption of our found principles – outlined in our Constitution and in ALL of its amendments.
Then, tomorrow, we must pour the first cup of coffee for the day, roll up our sleeves, and get back to work.
We are wounded…We will heal.
“Though I am broken, I am not slain – I’ll lie me down to bleed awhile, then rise to fight again.”
America is not yet ready to go gently into that good night – and, even if She were, “gently” has never really been our idiom, now, has it?
We’re back.
Help each other up, dust each other off, shake hands, and let’s all go back to work.
Tonight, our enemies see us as weak. Tomorrow, they will realize that, through Democracy, we have never been stronger.
America IS Great, already, although some of us needed reminding.
I intend that be done. Join me.
Tomorrow, America will be Greater, Still – and will again prove to the world that the Golden Door still leads to freedom – and that Liberty still lights the way.
With a firm reliance on Divine Providence, to this we do hereby pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.
God Bless America.
– and Welcome Home.
Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress, New Jersey’s Third Congressional District.
“Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left” – FJL