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“THE LAWSUIT” –  Book Signing and Fund-raiser

There is a Constitutional Crisis looming.  We are under-represented in the HOUSE, and the discovery of the ratification votes in Connecticut and Kentucky of “Article the First” confirm that.

An exhaustive treatment of the issue may be found in ”

Publisher: First Amendment Free Press; Early First Edition edition

ISBN-10: 0998299308, ISBN-13: 978-0998299303

The details of the lawsuit are too complex for an “elevator speech”, so we will be hosting events in EVERY SINGLE COMMUNITY in CD3 over the next several months, where the issues raised in “LaVergne v US House of Representatives” will be reviewed in detail, and the supporting information, in many cases in the original form, provided for direct perusal.

Both the Author and Editor will be on hand for many of these events, so that they can inscribe copies of their book purchased by attendees.

Docket # 1:17-cv-00793, filed in the US District Court, District of Columbia, seeks to compel the Congress, Department of Commerce, and the Legislatures of all fifty States to apportion the House of Representatives in compliance with the RATIFIED amendment known as “Article the First”.

Many Thanks are due to the New Jersey Philosophical Society, who is lending us some extraordinarily rare volumes to display to the public on our tour.

“Stand Against the Pipeline”

I will be hosting several events, both along the proposed route, and to raise awareness in more distant communities.  I will also be speaking at events hosted by others, which will be posted here.

Other Events:

“The LISTENING Tour” kicks off in 2 weeks.  Scheduled venues will be added here as they are confirmed.

We will review the Five Point plan for legislation of this campaign, and then ask our guests to share what THEY think is most important in the coming sessions in Congress.

There will be several ancillary events on specific topics held – specifically on Health Care, Environmental Issues, Veterans’ Issues, Alternative Energy Options, and in support of many qualified candidates seeking to represent communities in Congressional District Three and elsewhere.

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Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress.





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