“The Promise of Social Security”: What the “Ryan” Congress wants to do to you, and what we’re doing about it.

“The p

The present Congress believes you are not an important enough population of voters to give consideration to, any more.” – FJL


The promise of Social Security is about to be broken, unless WE take action together to stop it.

Even President Richard M. Nixon had it right when he said :

“Inflation-proof Social Security Benefits are a matter of RIGHT”.


We’ve gone from “making ends meet” to “hoping to see both ends” – FJL

Many of you have faithfully supported the status quo over the years, and that may become your undoing.  Now that the  “Greatest Generation” is dwindling, the “Boomers” (I am one) are taking their places on the Social Security Rolls.

Congress’ latest budget SLASHES our future benefits – and puts what remains at risk.  It also discourages the younger generations from participating…why?  They represent a business opportunity for the private sector, explained later, below.

        Tell Congress to keep K-Street’s grubby hands off YOUR money.

Because of colossal mismanagement and shortsightedness on both sides, each accusing the other, the continued existence of programs many of our seniors rely upon every day is in question.

Social Security has often been deemed to be “on borrowed time”, with estimates of a few years to a few dozen until it’s financial failure being bandied about by several economists – the same economists who have “correctly predicted 9 of the last 4 recessions.”

That was worth a chuckle in years’ past.  Not today.  This is no longer a laughing matter.

The solvency of our Social Security System can be insured with the stroke of a pen.

It’s a matter of political will, rather than “Political Won’t”.

There is a cap on earnings taxed for Social Security…why?  How is that any more than yet another tax cut for the wealthy?

Progressive Senator and Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, proposed initially that the cap be lifted to $ 200,000 – then, later $ 250,000.  In the heat of the Presidential Primary race in 2016, he assented to support REMOVING the cap entirely (something I have advocated for for nearly a decade).

We believe that doesn’t go far enough.  We’re actually taking action to change the make-up of the Congress, and dilute the poison spread by the K-Street Lobbyists.

Our Lawsuit changes the landscape of our Legislative Branch, as required by our Constitution.  This is not some “scheme” we cooked up.  This is the proposal made as part of our “Bill of Rights” – which IS ratified, although no one knew until recently.

I propose that Social Security, Education, Health Care , Veterans’ Benefits, and Infrastructure remain as the “first bills we pay” – primary line items in EVERY Congressional Budget – paid first, and adjusted annually.

The present Congress has proposed a budget that cuts benefits for seniors, from Social Security Income to disability payments, to Health Care.

Cuts made to what purpose?  To insure perpetuity for other programs that are “more important”?

Explain to me, please, what is more important than taking care of one another?

What is more important than honoring our indebtedness to those who funded these programs in the first place?

Because our older generations are “Dying off”, they represent a shrinking portion of the electorate.

The present Congress believes you are not an important enough population of voters to give consideration to, any more.  They rely on the uninformed continuing to vote the same way their parents did…and, sadly, the voters have proven them right, over and over.

The present Congress appears to further believes that it can do whatever it wants with the money you paid into a system that you were required to participate in, and that you based your retirement planning on.


There are certain leaders in Congress, (mostly Republican, but NOT ALL), who want to see Social Security “privatized” and “reformed”.

What, exactly, do they mean by “privatized” and “reformed”?

Well, on one hand, they mean turning the funds over to be managed by a private equity firm.

If that doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, ask a friend with pension dollars invested in the PERS system in New Jersey what THEY think of privatizing their retirement savings.

On the other hand, they want to “reform” it by moving the finish line…telling you to wait longer to begin collecting your benefits, and penalizing you for remaining in the work force once you do begin taking back YOUR MONEY.


It’s time for a new direction – and we offer that.

  • NO “earnings cap” on Social Security taxation…NONE
  • NO penalty for remaining in the work force.
  • Annual Adjustments to keep pace with inflation.
  • 100% participation required*.
  • Social Security funded as a mandatory line item in the Federal Budget.  


*No chance for you to be fleeced or fee’ed to death in private investments promoted as an “alternative choice” to your social security in retirement savings, or to lose benefits because of bad decisions made by others – intentionally or unintentionally.

Lobbyists from the financial services industry are drooling over the possibility of the commissions they can earn servicing the collective portfolios of an entire Nation.

No, thank you.


The folks wanting to privatize Social Security funds are relying on human greed to garner support…just like the Casino Industry.

A word of advice, for those willing to gamble their future financial security.

“When you walk in to a poker game with strangers, look left, look right, and look across.

If you can’t spot the “sucker”….it’s YOU.” – FJL


Your vote has ALWAYS been important – but never more than it is, now.

VOTE Frederick John LaVergne for Congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District.

If you are willing and able, your support is appreciated.